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Frozen, assemble-at-home ramen kits.

£1.20 - £7.50

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Frozen, assemble-at-home ramen kits, made by hand with love, using high-quality ingredients, locally-sourced (where possible).

Choose from several classic varieties - tonkotsu (rich, creamy pork bone broth), torikotsu (rich, creamy chicken broth), shio (clear broth with dashi and a salt tare), or shoyu (clear chicken or vegetable broth flavoured with soy sauce).

All ramen comes with artisanal noodles, chashu pork, seasoned bamboo, spring onions and either benishoga (pickled ginger) or naruto (japanese fishcake).

Buy any 4 different ramen and get £1 off or a free soy egg!

You can collect in Roath, or I'll deliver within a reasonable radius for a small charge. Any questions, just get in touch!